Complete Office Supply’s Transition to Prima Software for Enhanced Efficiency

Company Overview:

Complete Office Supply, led by President Alan Bird, is a key player in the office supplies and furniture market. Striving for continuous improvement in service and operational efficiency, the company sought to upgrade their system.


The company was previously working with a system that had limitations, particularly in customer service, which motivated them to seek a better solution.


The decision to switch to Prima was driven by the dedication to excellent customer service and its array of features that promised to elevate the company’s operational capabilities.

Key Aspects of Feedback from Alan Bird, President of Complete OS

Exceptional Customer Support:

Alan Bird was impressed by Prima’s customer support, noting its quick and helpful approach as a significant factor in the decision-making process.

QuickBooks Integration:

A key driver for choosing Prima was its compatibility with QuickBooks, simplifying the transition and maintaining consistency in their accounting practices.

Enhanced Functionalities for Web Presence:

Prima offered more opportunities for Complete Office Supply to control and improve their web presence, an essential factor for their business growth.

It is refreshing to know we can reach someone who actually wants to help us solve a problem quickly so we can focus on running our business and growing our sales.

(Prima’s Customer Support) is industry leading in the response time. This is why we believed in Prima and made the switch. 

We understood switching systems was going to be difficult. In order to minimize this, we felt that keeping the accounting system consistent with what we had, would minimize some of the pain in switching.

Comprehensive Automation Features:

Prima’s automation of daily tasks, such as order processing and transmitting orders to Wholesale DCs, was highlighted as a critical aspect for their ongoing growth.

Streamlined Furniture Order Processing:

The system’s ability to import furniture orders directly from 20/20 and AutoCAD into Prima, creating invoices and purchase orders automatically, was also noted as a positive feature.

Transition and Training:

Alan acknowledged the inherent challenges in transitioning to a new ERP system. He noted the team’s limited in-house IT technical skills.  However, he specifically highlighted the exceptional job carried out by Prima’s Onboarding Manager, Andrea.

Together, Andrea and Tyler, Prima’s Onboarding Specialist, ensured the overall effectiveness of the transition, showcasing their competence and commitment to success. 

We also felt the opportunity to have the system automatically upload the pricing files from SPR and Essendant would be times savers and also insure we got information loaded in a timely manner.

Andrea Connolly, Onboarding Manager

Andrea is absolutely the best and truly deserves a lot of praise.
Tyler did and continues to do a very good job.
Tyler 2

Tyler Dees, Onboarding Specialist

Improvements in Workflow Efficiency:

While still in the early stages of implementation, Prima has already demonstrated enhanced performance in both order processing and integral operations, particularly with furniture vendors.

Responsive Customer Support:

Industry-leading response times from Prima’s customer support were a crucial element in easing the transition process.

Every one of the issues has been discussed and were usually discussed within 24 hours of submitting them to your team.
“We have seen that orders flowing in at the end of the day are moving through to our vendors with no oversight on our end so that is a drastic improvement! Efficiencies in the placement of orders to furniture vendors has definitely been visible and helped our internal processes.”
We appreciated the feature in the system that would allow us move our furniture orders from 20/20 and Autocad directly into Prima, and in that process it would create our Invoicing, Deposit Invoices and Purchase orders automatically. Although we have not fine tuned the system to work perfectly yet, we are well ahead of where we were with our previous system.

The adoption of Prima by Complete Office Supply, as per Alan Bird’s positive remarks, indicates a strategic move towards enhancing operational efficiency and customer service. The initial results post-implementation have been promising, setting the stage for future growth and productivity improvements.

We believe your system and your team are going to help us take our business to a higher level of sales than (previous system) could


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