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PrimaPOD is a digital, paperless solution designed to provide businesses with complete control and visibility of delivery operations. Deliveries are tracked electronically and in real-time, increasing reliability, reducing the time and costs involved in managing deliveries and collections.


PrimaPOD offers significant benefits to help your business automate existing manual processes. Fully integrated with Prima ERP, you can manage and allocate deliveries from your back-office system. The delivery schedule is available to your drivers in the PrimaPOD app on their smartphone devices. Utilizing the 4G or Wi-Fi signal, data is transmitted in real-time to your Prima back office.

PrimaCRM provides you and your sales team with access to all the key customer information you might require whilst out on the road. Integration with Google Maps allows you to load up customer details and navigate to their address using the best route available. You also can call or email directly from the app.

PrimaCRM enables you to view all previous customer communications and notes. The ability to view current company trading status allows you to see if customer’s accounts are up to date or on hold.

You are also able to monitor success rates of email marketing campaigns with Prima’s integration with marketing services, e.g. MailChimp and HubSpot.

Increased Productivity
Using Prima’s POD app, all your driver needs is a mobile device. With integration with maps, your driver can locate the address, take the customer's signature or photograph of delivery and also process returns.
Customer Service
Using Prima’s POD app can be very helpful in improving your customer's experience with the shipping and delivery of products. People find it much easier and more professional to confirm delivery electronically rather than signing pieces of paper.
Not only is reducing paperwork better for the environment, Prima’s POD app also leaves time-consuming, manual data entry and delays in order completion behind reducing the risk of lost or damaged paper delivery notes.

Streamlined Process

Replace those piles of paper delivery notes with a real-time electronic data stream saving you hours of admin and providing greater visibility


Navigate to your customers’ addresses using the integrated maps facility


Capture your signatures or confirmation photographs directly on PrimaPOD with sign-on-glass technology.


Automatic completion of delivery notes via 4g or wifi – no need to return to depot to confirm manually.

Meeting Customers Expectations

Replacing paperwork with PrimaPOD enables your drivers to work more efficiently, reducing the time required to capture signatures, simplifying your drivers’ tasks, and ensuring that your customers receive a professional service.

Contactless Deliveries

PrimaPOD enables the driver to make contactless delivery by taking a photograph directly by their device. As with the signature, a copy of the image can be provided to the customer on an invoice, emailed directly from Prima.

Data Visibility

Real-time data visibility enables you and your team to track your drivers and see what deliveries are remaining on their manifests.

Other benefits to your business include real-time notification of job completions expedites invoicing and visibility of collections can streamline warehouse and stock management processes.

PrimaAPP provides a complete paperless trail for every delivery or collection.

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